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About Us

Cherish Eyesight and Vision (CEV) is a 503 (C) (3) organization that intersects Public Health and Optometry to improve visual health literacy and address preventable blindness and vision impairment globally. CEV does this by developing projects with the sole aim of improving vision and eye health among populations. CEV uses public health principles to increase awareness and visual health literacy all the while addressing current day societal problems of race, inclusivity, and diversity in health professions such as optometry.

Our Logo

The logo symbolizes the intersection of public health and optometry. 

The golden human represents the public with its head forming the pupil of the eye and the widespread arms forming the lower eyelid.


This represents a time where the public expresses the joy of having a world where preventable blindness and vision impairment are rare and health equity as it relates to vision and eye health has been improved.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

- Benjamin Franklin

Our Mission

Our Mission

To improve visual health literacy among people to mitigate the toll of preventable blindness and vision impairment.

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Our Vision

To create a world where preventable blindness and vision impairment are rare and and full visual health equity is attainable in the public.

Our Core Vaues








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Our Why

Visual problems are evident across nations and the United States is not exempt. Far too often, people go blind and/or get visually impaired from preventable causes. They often present to the eye doctor when symptomatic, at which point a disease may be late in the disease process, and preventable vision loss may have occurred, and eye care providers are not able to give back the gift of sight. Vision loss does not occur in isolation and disparities exist in eye diseases, visual impairment, and its related disability among certain age, sex, socioeconomic status, racial, and geographic subgroups. The lack of visual health literacy is among the myriad of barriers leading to poor visual health outcomes and that is what CEV seeks to address.

Our Organizational Goals

Bridge public health and optometry professions

Improve the visual health literacy among populations

Contribute to efforts to increase diversity in Optometry

A resource hub to access eye care locally and globally

We Need Your Support Today!

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