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Global Eye Health

The State of Vision and Eye Health Globally

Blindness and vision impairment is of global concern as it has a toll on many people across nations. It imposes large morbidity, impacts the quality of life, and ultimately affects the global economy. The burden of blindness and vision impairment is not equally distributed among nations with low – middle-income countries at the disadvantaged end. Concerted action over many years has made much progress intensifying advocacy programs, national prevention programs, and national eye care plans but challenges remain as it is estimated that at least 2.2 billion people live with vision impairment or blindness and 1 billion of them could have been prevented.  The WHO world report on vision emphasized the need for an integrated approach to increase access to eye care and avoid preventable blindness worldwide.


Eye care to prevent eye conditions and visual impairment is a good investment that will improve productivity and reduce costs

Global Statistics

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Global Statistics

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Global Statistics

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